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Leasing antique farm tractors for advertising and special events.

Crowd around 8N tractor at Farmer's market

A hit with young and old at the farmer's market

Everyone is attracted to vintage Ford tractors. They appeal to young and old alike and interest crosses all cultural lines. Tractors represent productivity with a pleasing form. It is a rare person who can pass one by without taking a closer look.

On the ground at a farmer's market vintage tractors outstrip all other entertainers in public interest and provide a platform for childhood experiences remembered in photographs for a lifetime.

Retail setting

N series tractor in a retail setting.

Customers in a supermarket or mall viewing a vintage Ford tractor on the floor are given a special experience.

A tractor display can bring emphasis to special products and sales celebrations such as Thanksgiving and other holidays.

Displayed in a firm's lobby a vintage tractor is an attraction that immediately captures the interest of clients and visitors, regardless of the business.

Used in advertisements or in a televised commercial a vintage tractor immediately brings attention and the good will associated with family farming to the product.

The Palo Alto Vintage Tractor Company provides restored 9N and 8N tractors for any occasion. We bring the machine to your location, set it up where desired and provide display panels that detail the tractor's history and significance.

Photo of 9N tractor

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